November 23, 2015

Making a list of all the things you are grateful for is a good exercise, and I certainly have a long list I can make that would help give me an appreciative perspective. Counting your blessings is good for more than just a way to fall asleep!!! But sometimes I think these lists (so common around this time of year) shift the focus from what we could be archiving instead. Rather than tell you all that I am grateful for in my process of making Luz, I’d rather make a list of WHO I am grateful TO. I want my thanksgiving, especially for all the inspiration I have had for Luz, to focus on people, not things. Obviously, many of the people on that list are mothers who are artists. It is to this special group that I owe so much. I am grateful to you. You are a blessing. Thank you. Thank you. Feel free to tag a "mama in the arts" that you know deserves some love!!!