November 2, 2015

Since many of you have commented on your enthusiasm for the Luz Hatchfund video, I decided to use this LUZ update to reflect on the “mini” project that jumpstarted the campaign. The Luz video was an investment of time, energy, and money, but I’m so glad that it was produced. I’ve never worked with a professional video/audio technician in this way before, and it really flexed my creative muscles in a fresh way! I'd love to do it again, and I even have some ideas for what is next after Luz!  
I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Cyril Davis on video and audio for this project. As important as it was to show my life as a mom in the video, Cyril and I knew the focus had to be on flamenco and the fact that this was a solo project, so we shot in the places that I move to and from throughout my day: home, studio, stage. Many of the shots are taken in iconic places in Tucson, my home, and many of those places are along 4th Ave – a street I travel each day – by foot, by car, and by streetcar. Some shots are from home videos and some are shot with a GoPro (thanks for lending it to me Fanny Ara!) and some are shot with more professional equipment.  
Though I probably could have “revised” the final product a hundred times more, I’m happy with what Cyril and I were able to create together. I hope you enjoy it too.