The Tucson Flamenco Studio offers flamenco classes, workshops and performances for the Tucson community and beyond!

The Tucson Flamenco Studio is 100% dedicated to teaching the art of flamenco.  Our mission is to offer students the most authentic flamenco experience possible in the studio, on the stage, and through the culture of flamenco.  Regarding the teaching and preservation of flamenco, we have three major goals:
  • To create a thriving flamenco community
  • To create performance opportunities for students and professionals alike
  • To preserve flamenco as a heritage here in The Old Pueblo
We offer classes and workshops enabling students of all ages to undertake their studies with consistency and focus, be they the hobbyist or the professional.  The Tucson Flamenco Studio has something to offer all those who love and/or appreciate this artform. 


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Aug. 11, 2014

Dear Students and Friends, 

We want to begin by thanking you all for your presence at our performances, events, and in classes! Your support has been a wonderful foundation to one of our most important missions – creating a flamenco community in Tucson.
When Jason and I moved “back” to Tucson in 2006, we weren’t sure how to begin this mission from scratch and on our own, but it has truly been our pleasure to experience not only our own growth as artists, but also as mentors to new flamenco learners of this community.  We’ve been blessed to establish a base of dedicated and hard-working students, we’ve been honored to house our own studio dedicated solely to flamenco with the help of Casa Vicente, and we’ve been humbled by the amazing things God has done to confirm our love for this amazing art form.
For eight years straight, we have strived to provide on-going flamenco classes for this small but strong community of flamenco aficionados and students – an act that has come with both benefits and sacrifice.  Going into the endeavor, we understood that the choice to keep a flamenco school running and to provide performance opportunities for students was not a popular choice for many flamenco artists, but one we had hoped would bring us both creative satisfaction and the development of a wider audience who could receive this gift of flamenco as both spectators and participants.  Through both achievements and struggles, we’ve learned that supporting this cultural art in this fashion is an act that someone cannot simply choose to do.  It must be something they are called to do.   We respect that calling and we honor all those who’ve inspired us with this vision. 
It is with this spirit of hope that we express to you our choice to take a sabbatical from teaching our on-going classes.  Though we have no intentions of “closing” the studio indefinitely, Jason and I must take some time to re-evaluate our goals, to step back and gain a fresh perspective, and to attend to our family’s priorities.  We hope that this gift of time and space will provide all of us with an even greater love and devotion to flamenco!  
Our last classes will be held this Thursday, August 14th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  We invite you to come by and take or watch class, and to share some food, drink, and memories with us! 
With affection,
Melani and Jason Martinez
Flamenco del Pueblo Viejo
Tucson Flamenco Studio
P.S.  As we gear up for the Tucson Flamenco Festival this September 23 – 28, we encourage you to visit the festival’s website, get your tickets, and sign up for workshops!  This year’s festival will be amazing! 

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